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  • From the left sidebar main menu of your Siteimprove Dashboard, click on Quality Assurance; this will open the Quality Assurance submenu

  • From the Quality Assurance submenu, click on Links; this will open the Links submenu

  • From the Links submenu, click on Broken Links; this will open a table that lists broken links for you to review

    • Note: There are two types of broken links:

      • Confirmed broken links are definitely broken; this typically happens when a page is moved or removed from your site

      • Links to review may be temporarily broken, or broken for only some users

  • From the list of broken links in the table, select the link you want to fix by clicking on the magnifying glass to the left-hand side of the link; this will take you to one of the pages affected by this broken link

    • Note: To see all the pages affected by the broken link, expand the Pages column


  • You will now see the broken link highlighted on the Page Report for that page

    • Note: If the link is not highlighted or does not seem to be on a live page, try switching to Show HTML, as these broken links are typically found only in the source codeĀ 


  • Go to the page affected by the broken link in your Content Management System (CMS).

    • Fix the link and republish the page

      • Note: Once the fix is live, you can re-check the page in Siteimprove to make sure the links were fixed correctly