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Creating a taxonomy system allows content to be better categorized and more find-able for users. Taxonomy terms are grouped into vocabularies, and can then be referenced from within content items.

How to Create Taxonomy Terms

When editing content, site editors enter or select controlled vocabulary terms that Taxonomy Managers have created. To add terms to the predefined vocabulary, you must have the role of Taxonomy Manager.

  • Log into your agency website.
  • Navigate to Structure > Taxonomy at the top-left of the page.
  • Find the Vocabulary Name you would like to add terms to and select List Terms under Operations.
    • Here you'll find all of the terms already created for that vocabulary.
  • To Add a new term:
    • Click on the Add Term button.
    • Enter the name (required).
    • Enter a description (optional).
    • Expand the Relation section to nest the new term under an existing term.
    • Enter a URL Alias if you want the URL path of the new Term to be different than the default. For example, if you are adding a new Term called “Customer Support Team”, the default URL would be You can manually change this URL by adding a URL Alias like /customer-support (or any other path you choose) to this field. Your new URL would then be
    • Click Save.
  • You can also Edit, Delete, or Clone existing terms.
    • Under Operations, select an option beside the term name.

Using Taxonomy

Site Editors enter or select controlled vocabulary terms when creating or editing content using one or more of the following fields:

FieldUsed in Content TypesLimitPurpose
TagsNewsMultiple, Free-formTo categorize News items so that users can easily sort and find other similar news items.
CategoriesBio, Book, Contact, Emergency, Event, FAQ, How Do I, Important Date, News, Opinion, Press Release, Topic Page, WebformMultiple, Pre-determined

To categorize content site-wide so that users can more easily find all related content across the site regardless of site section, content type, etc.


Bio, Contact, Emergency, Event, Event, How Do I, Important Date, Location, News, Opinion, Press Release, Program or Service, Topic Page

Multiple, Pre-determined

To categorize content site-wide, relating content items to a segment of the Agency’s hierarchy.


Alert, Bio, Contact, Event, Location, News, Opinion

Only 1 term allowed, Pre-detetermined

To segment content per content type. See individual content type training to understand the “type” field’s use in context.


Bio, Book, Contact, Emergency, Event, FAQ, How Do I, Important Date, Location, News, Opinion, Press Release, Topic Page

Multiple, Pre-determined

To relate content site-wide to a specific service offered by the Agency. This helps users seeking information about the service find all relevant content, regardless of site section or content type.  The service list is not a taxonomy, but a list of items using the Service Content Type.  To add a Service, first create a content item using the Service Content Type.

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