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Release Date


Drupal 9 Preparation

We are continuing to prepare for the coming upgrade to Drupal 9.

Footer Social Media Icons Now SVG

The social media icons in all GovHub footers were previously treated as images, with multiple images for each color variation for link states. Now, they are inline SVGs (scalable vector graphics), which lets us use a single asset and change the color with CSS. This solution is more accessible and performant.

Use Pointer Cursor for Webform Buttons

By default, web browsers show the default cursor when a user hovers over syntactical buttons. We found evidence to support that the “clickable” nature of buttons is better supported by using the pointer cursor, used by default for links. We updated the cursor to display as a pointer when a user hovers over buttons in Webforms.

News Release Teasers Cleaned Up

First, we limited the width of summary text on featured News Teasers, making it easier to read. These show at the top of an Automatic List of 4 and 1 teasers with no images, placed in a full-width Layout Builder region.

Second, we added some missing space between the image and teaser text when in an Automatic List of two teasers in a full-width Layout Builder region.

Visual Bug Fix: Image and Video Width

Part of the Orchard styling has always been for images and visual media to pop out past the sides of the text. As an unintentional side effect of a fix to Document embeds in a previous release, we eliminated this extra width for images and videos with full-width alignment in a WYSIWYG. In this release, we have returned it.