How do I get rid of the extra space on my homepage / Landing Page?


There’s extra empty space on my Landing Page.

For example, maybe you have an empty bar of white at the bottom of your homepage.

This could also be another color or it could even have a background image.


If you see extra space on your Landing Page like that in the screenshot above, it’s likely coming from an empty layout section.

Go to the Layout tab for the Landing Page and click the X to remove the extra section.

If you have empty space on your Landing Page in another way (for example, maybe it’s to the sides of a block), it’s possible that this is the intentional design of the block for the particular content, placement, and settings you’ve given it. For example, many block types will have empty space to the sides when in a full-width section to help it stand out and to prevent the line length from extending too long for easy readability.

If you don’t have an empty section on the Landing Page and still see whitespace that you don’t think is part of the intentional design, please open a support request.