How can I place a video on my homepage?


We have a video that we’d like visitors to see on our homepage. How do I place the video on my homepage?

This might not be the case only on your homepage, but also on other Landing Pages and even some other content types.


At this point, we don’t allow editors to embed videos directly on the homepage of their GovHub website. Other Landing Pages and some other content types also don’t allow video embeds. This is in line with our UX philosophy that content should be more general the higher it is in site navigation (with the homepage at the very top of that hierarchy).

Use your homepage to point users to content, not to house content in itself. Rather than placing the video directly on the page, link to it.

We understand that one of the reasons editors might want to place a video directly on the page, rather than linking to it on a different page, is to help it stand out against the rest of the page content. Consider using another method to help your teaser stand out, such as:

  • make it a Promo instead of one link in a list of many

  • pair it with an image

  • display it with a card decoration and add an icon to the card

  • set it on a dark background color (only available on Landing Pages)

There may be certain instances where it would be appropriate to embed a video directly on a homepage or some other content where it is typically not available. If you think that might be the case, please open a support request and we’ll discuss whether or not some custom work would be appropriate.