Landing Page Layout | Section Settings

After you select the layout for a Landing Page section, you have the option to configure additional settings:

  • Section title

  • Background color

If the Section uses the “One column” (full-width) layout, it can also have:

  • Background image

  • “Super-hero” styling

  • Transparency

Section title

You can label the Section’s content with a title. Clear titles will help users navigate efficiently through the page and find the content that applies to their situation.

Background color

The Section’s background color will default to white. When you open the dropdown menu, you’ll see up to 7 color options that are all appropriate for your website’s color palette. Every color palette has both light and dark background options; text on a dark background will automatically display as white to maintain accessible color contrast.

Background image (1 column layout)

By default, all GovHub websites provide the same library of background images. Since much of the background image will typically be covered with other content, these images should be used for mood-setting and decoration rather than content.

“Super-hero” styling (1 column layout)

The super-hero Section style paired with a Section background image lowers content to the bottom half of the section, placing more emphasis on the image.

See super-hero styling at the top of’s Guide pages, like Assistance Programs.

You can place any type of block in a super-hero Section. That said, we recommend including only text; Avoid placing images or icons on top of the background image. One great option is the “Landing Page Header” block, which will display the page’s Label, Title, and Summary (set on the Edit screen) in a two-column display.

“Super-hero” background images

Since the super-hero styling displays more of the background image than the regular display, it’s important to select an image that appropriately represents the paired content. If none of the default background images are appropriate for your content, please open a support request to discuss additional options.



Transparency (1 column layout)

At this time, the transparency toggle on Sections is intended only for use on