Q&A: Issues With WYSIWYG Tables on Mobile

Q: Why am I seeing special characters in my tables on mobile?

A: This is the result of additional, unnecessary markup that does not render on mobile. For instance, if you copy and paste content from a Word Doc or Excel Spreadsheet into your table, you could be inadvertently including extra spaces and formatting that is handled on the desktop view but not the mobile.

Q: Why is there additional HTML markup around the content in my table header on mobile?

A: By default, making the first row the table header adds the necessary styling like cell padding, background colors and content bolding. Adding additional styling to the table header via the WYSIWYG will produce more markup that the mobile version of the table will not render. This results in the additional markup that you see. 

Q: Why is my table missing content on mobile but not on desktop?

A: In order for the table to display properly on mobile, you have to indicate the first row of the table as the table header. Doing so will display the table headers alongside the corresponding column content.