Testing the Form

And, finally, make sure that you thoroughly test the form. Make sure that, depending on what they select, that the email is actually sending to the right people. So, if you haven't taken a look at your Webforms since your site migrated to GovHub, then maybe just do a few tests. Make sure that emails are actually sending correctly. If you have any conditional logic built into the form, or if you have multiple pages, just take a walk through and make sure that everything is working as expected.

To test the form:

  • Either manually fill out the form and Submit.

  • You can also use the Test tab to generate data.

To generate multiple test results:

  • Fill out the newsletter a few times

  • Click on the Results tab.

  • Click on the Customize button to change the columns shown if necessary.

    • You can mark particular submissions with a Star or Lock or Add Administrative Notes.

  • Select the Edit button next to each submission to Edit, View, Clone, Duplicate, or Delete submissions.

  • The Download sub-tab allows you to export the submissions in a variety of ways.

    • You can filter based on date or submission ID, so you don’t need to download all the data at once if it's not necessary.

Testing the Form