Release Date


Drupal 9 Preparation

We are continuing to prepare for the coming upgrade to Drupal 9.

Updated Styles for Icon List

Certain Icon Lists were not showing links in the best way. We’ve updated the layout of Icon Lists to more consistently display across various viewports and placements, and with different contents. We also reduce the size of the icon when it’s to the left of its text (at narrow widths) for a more balanced display.



Constrain Line Length of Full-Width Text Block

To make online text easy to read, each line of text should only go up to a certain character count. Most GovHub content types have always limited the length of text lines for better readability, but previously the contents of Text Blocks could always extend to the full width of the block. We’ve now added constraints to Text Blocks in a full-width Landing Page region to limit the length of the lines of text.



Revert to a Previous Page Version from the Revision View

We’ve made it easier for editors to return a page to a previous state. Previously, editors would need to revert from the list of revisions, which could potentially lead to error. Now, editors can choose to revert to the previous revision from that revision itself.

Bug Fix: Distributed Footer Alignment

We provide code for a generic footer to let non-GovHub agency websites make use of the Orchard Design System. Previously, certain elements in this distributed footer were not correctly aligned with the rest of the footer content. We’ve updated the code to correct this alignment.



Site Archived: Census in Georgia

Now that the 2020 Census is complete, we decommissioned the 2020 Census in Georgia website.