Using Menus

For end users to find your agency’s services and information quickly and easily, be mindful when organizing and labeling the navigational menu and sub-menus. 

Your website has 2 menus:

  • Main menu - the main navigation bar across the center of your site

  • Footer menu - sits in the bottom of your site in the footer

For the best user experience, we recommend no more than 7 menu items at the top level of your Main menu. A short navigation bar is easier and faster for website visitors to read through. If they have to hunt through lots of options, they are less likely to find what they are looking for. This can generate more phone calls and emails to your office.

Adding a Menu Item

There are two methods to adding a new item to the menu:


Reordering Your Menu and Editing Child Items

The visible links under the Menu Link column are your main menu items.

  • Click on Structure > Menus > Main Menu.

  • To move the menu link higher or lower in the list, you can either:

    • Click and hold the + sign beside the menu link name. Drag and drop to the desired position.

    • Click Show row weights and change the number in the drop down down box. Lower numbers will appear higher in the menu.

  • Click the Save button.

To edit a menu item under one of the top level headings, you'll have to use the Edit Children function.

  • Click Edit child items next to the main menu item that hosts the menu item you want to edit.

  • This will bring up all of the menu items that sit under that heading.

  • Edit the item by clicking on the Edit button (under the Operations column) associated with that item.

    • From here, you can change:

      • the name of the menu item

      • the link

      • the parent item

        • If no Parent is chosen, it will default to the main level navigation. 

          • Hover over the handlebars next to the menu item you want to move and then nest it under the correct item.

          • Click Save.

          • Click Edit child items next to the menu item you nested it under and you should see it correctly under the right main menu item.

          • Use the handlebars again to move the item up and down in the menu.

    • Click Save.

  • To get back to the main navigation top level, click on the Back to Main navigation top level link above the Menu Link column.

Removing a Menu Item

  • Click on Structure > Menus > Main Menu.

  • Click on the drop down menu under the Operations column and select Delete.

  • Click on the Delete button to confirm removal or click on the Cancel button to undo the deletion command.