Why won't my link URL update?


I’m trying to change the URL in a link field. It looks like it updates, but then I save the changes and it’s still pointing to the old URL.

For example, you might be trying to change a URL in a Link Collection. You paste the new URL and it looks like it’s updated…

…But then you save the page and the link didn’t change.


This issue will most likely happen when you paste an external URL into the link field. When you do, you’ll see text that lists the pasted URL and this description text: “Linkit could not find any suggestions. This URL will be used as is.”

To make the new URL stick, click the suggestion box with the text listed above.

After pasting the URL, if you continue in any other way (hitting enter, hitting tab, or clicking elsewhere on the page), the new URL will not stick.

If, after following this instruction, your link URL is still not updating, please open a support request.