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  1. Start on any page or dashboard.

  2. Near the top right corner, there will be an Export drop down or a button. See below for examples of both.


    Drop down:

  3. You’ll have different choices depending on the page or dashboard. Not all the options below will be available on every page.

    1. Export to PDF/Print – This renders the page as a PDF in your browser. From here, you can print or download the PDF.

    2. Export to HTML – This renders the page into HTML. From here, you can save as a webpage through your browser’s save function.

    3. Add widget to dashboard – This adds the current module to an existing or new dashboard. See Customize Dashboard for more information.

    4. Download CSV (all tables) and Download CSV with subtables – This will download the data on the current page to a spreadsheet.

    5. Add to report template – This function is not recommended as Siteimprove recommends using the Dashboard Report instead.