How to View Behavior Maps for a Page

Note: Once the Behavior Map is enabled for a page, it may take 24 to 48 hours before it begins collecting user interactions and screen shots for that page. If, after adding a page, you do not see any results displayed, it means either (1) not enough time has passed for Behavior Maps to generate data or (2) a user has not yet visited that page.

  • From the left sidebar main menu of your Siteimprove Dashboard, click on Analytics; this will open the Analytics submenu

  • From the Analytics submenu, click on Behavior; this will open the Behavior submenu

  • From the Behavior submenu, select Behavior Maps; this will open the Behavior Maps overview page with a list of pages you have added to behavior maps

  • Click on the page whose Behavior Map you would like to view; this will open the Behavior Map for that page