Taxonomy for Content Types

Adding Taxonomy Terms for Content Types

You must have the Taxonomy Manager role to complete this action.

  • From the Admin Toolbar, click on Structure.
  • From the Structure menu, select Taxonomy.
  • Click on list terms to view existing terms or
  • Click on the drop-down arrow under Operation in the row associated with the content type you want to add terms to.
  • Click on Add Terms.
    • Type your term in the Name field.
    • If the term requires more description, add it to the Description field. 
    • If the term relates to an already-existing Term, select the Parent term from the Relations section.
    • The default URL for this term will be a generic Taxonomy path (i.e. /taxonomy/term/01234). If you want your term to be found at a specific URL, type it in the URL Alias field (i.e. /new-taxonomy-term).

  • Click Save.

Adding Taxonomy to Content Items

To add a Taxonomy term to a new or existing document:

(only 1 Taxonomy term can be added to content)

  • Add Content
  • Create a Content Item
    • most Content Types have the option to add Taxonomy terms but using different methods:
      • Bio > add Bio Type
      • Contact > add a Contact Type
      • Event > add Event Type
      • Locations > add Location Type
      • News > add News Type
  • Scroll down to the Type depending on your Content Type: Document/Press Release/Locations/Staff 
  • Choose a Type from the list.
  • Click Save.
  • Publish when ready.