Managing Taxonomy


What is Taxonomy and how does it work? It's a way to classify content similar to tagging or categorizing. Taxonomy makes it possible for content to appear in lists filtered by topic.

A site’s taxonomy consists of several vocabularies (such as “Color”). Each of these vocabularies contains several terms (such as “Red,” “Yellow,” “Blue,” etc.). Your platform contains a few useful vocabularies that are applied to various content types.

Types of Taxonomy

There are different types of Taxonomy that can help you categorize your content better: 

Content TypesTopics
Content type-specific

Not content type-specific

Do not span different content types

  • Example: Event terms do not relate to Bio terms
Spans across the whole site
Only 1 term allowed per page

Division / Section:

  • One term allowed per page

Program / Service and Categories:

  • Multiple terms allowed per page

Content types that use Taxonomy:

  • Bio
  • Contact
  • Document
  • Event
  • Location
  • News
  • Location

Topical Taxonomy Terms:

  • Categories
  • Division / Section
  • Location Area
  • News Type
  • Program / Service
  • Search Terms
  • Telephone Type