User Roles & Adding Users

Here are the user roles available to authenticated content managers on your website.

  • Reviewer: Can view all unpublished content, but cannot edit, delete, or publish the content. This role should be used sparingly for a user who needs to review content before it is published, but should not have control over the content of the website.

  • Creator: Create and edit content, but cannot publish content.

  • Editor: Create, edit, publish content, edit the homepage, Landing Pages, and the main navigation of the site.

    • Taxonomy Manager: This is an add-on role for Editors who should be able to create, edit and delete Taxonomy terms.

  • Editorial Lead: Everything Editors can do, everything Taxonomy Managers can do, plus the ability to purge Trash.

Adding Users

To add a user to your site, open a support request with this information about the new user:

  • Name (first and last)

  • Email Address

  • Role or roles to be assigned

Please note, as of May 3, 2021, content managers that are new to GovHub are required to complete our GovHub Basic Training course before being granted access to edit a site. When you request access for a new content manager, we will automatically grant them Learning Management System access as a first step.

Deleting Users

To remove access to a site, open a support request, include the account email address, and ask that they be blocked.

Updates to User Roles

05/26/22 - changes to permissions of Creator role
10/22/20 - all roles able to create Mailchimp pages
09/10/20 - Creators granted permission to create Super Service