Micro-Content Types

Micro-Content are small chunks of information that become part of the larger content types. They don’t get their own page. You can embed Micro-Content blocks on Landing Pages, the bottom section of Program or Service pages, or within certain text editors:

  • Book Page (body)

  • Event (details and recap)

  • FAQ (answer)

  • How Do I (step)

  • News (body)

  • Topic Page (body)

Once you create a Micro-Content block, it will be available for reuse in the website’s Micro-Content library. Before creating a new custom Micro-Content block, check the library for an existing appropriate block so that updates – such as URL changes – for one block placement will affect all placements. Also consider whether an automatic teaser of an existing Content Type – such as an Event teaser – would be more appropriate.

List of Micro-Content Types

Display options: cards and icons

When you place a Micro-Content block on a Landing Page, you can most often choose whether to place the block in a card decoration. Once a block is in a card, you can typically also select an icon to display at the top of the card. If the block has an image, it will display the image but not an icon, even if an icon is selected.

When you place a Micro-Content block in one of the text editors listed above, it will either display in card or in a “belt wrapper” (with a line on top and bottom) depending on the embed alignment you choose: left and right embeds will display in a card, full-width embeds will display with the belt wrapper. You can still choose for an icon to display in either case on most Micro-Content types.

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