Quality Assurance (QA)

QA Score

The QA Score is a measure of the credibility and usability of the user-facing characteristics of your site. Your site's QA Score is determined by its performance in four subcategories: Content Quality, Content Freshness, User Experience, and Security.

Example of Quality Assurance module in GovHub Analytics

Content Quality

This is the editorial quality of your site's content, which affects how quickly and accurately users are able to comprehend it. 

What’s needed for a high score?

  • Few misspellings, especially on the homepage

  • Good readability scores across the pages of your site

Content Freshness

This is how current your site's content is, which affects user retention and engagement. It also impacts your site's SEO rankings.

What’s needed for a high score?

  • Adding new pages

  • Keeping documents and media files up to date

User Experience

This is how conducive your content is to the usability of your site. This affects navigation, page load speeds, accessibility, and more.  

What’s needed for a high score?

  • Few or no broken links

  • Few or no links for review

  • Few or no non-PDF documents

  • Few or no images with a size over 1 MB


This is how vigilant your site is about only linking to safe domains, and in keeping users' personal information private. Providing a secure and confidential experience builds user trust and mitigates the risk of legal action.  

What’s needed for a high score?

  • No links to unsafe domains

  • No personal IDs on the site