Super Service

When to Use a Super Service

Like Program or Service pages, a Super Service page exists to share information about a service an agency provides to Georgians, businesses, organizations, or other government entities. The primary difference between Super Services and Program or Service pages is in the layout and level of editorial-control. While much of the content on a Program or Service page is placed as individual blocks which an editor can add, delete, and rearrange (much like a Landing Page), a Super Service is set up with an intentional, less flexible structure.

One reason you might choose to use a Super Service is because of the built-in How Do I block. In most cases, this is a set of numbered steps, describing the process someone would take to receive the service. It often makes up the bulk of the page’s content.

Overall, consider the content that can display on a Super Service page when deciding whether it is appropriate for your service information:

  • Basic text: Title, Overview, Additional Information, and Disclaimer Text

  • Imagery: a default Orchard brand image, a Logo, or another custom image such as an illustration

  • Process instructions: First Step or How Do I

  • Related information: Links, Services, Agencies, and News

  • Contact information: Location, Contact, and Location search form

How to Create a Super Service

  1. Log into your agency website.

  2. Click on Add Content.

  3. Select Super Service.

  4. Add the Name (required).

    1. The Name appears at the top of the page, and is also used in URLs and anywhere the page is linked to from other content across the site.

  5. Select the appropriate Audience for this service using the dropdown (required when published). You can choose:

    1. Government to Citizen

    2. Government to Government

    3. Government to Business

    4. Government to Organization

  6. Select a Category (required).

  7. Add an Overview about the Super Service (required when published). This can be a brief description about the service, who it serves, and how it's administered.

  8. Include any Additional Information (optional).

  9. Add a Logo (optional).

    1. If the image is already in your site library, search for it in the window and click Select.

    2. To upload a new image, select the Upload Image tab at the top of the window.

      1. Select the image from your computer or drag it into the File Upload screen.

    3. Click Save.

  10. Check the box to Pin the logo to the bottom of its container (optional).

  11. Add a First Step (optional).

    1. This optional section is used to tell users the first step they need to make to use this Super Service. 

    2. Add a First Step Summary.

      1. This is a brief description about the First Step. It could include documents that need to be filled out or additional information about the first step.

    3. Add a First Step URL.

      1. Use this section to link off to another page related to the first step of this Program / Service. 

        1. If you’re linking off to an external site, you’ll need to include the full URL (

    4. Add Link Text for the URL.

      1. If you have included a URL in the URL field, you might want to add Link Text. This is how your URL will display to users. For example, you might enter “Learn more about Hurricane Relief” in the Link Text field.

  12. The next sections allow related content to be displayed on this Super Service page. You can create or choose from the library the following:

    1. Some content types allow only one instance:

      1. How Do I - If you have not included a First Step, including a How Do I is recommended.

      2. Related Agency

      3. Location

    2. Some allow multiple instances:

      1. Related Links

      2. Related Services

      3. Contacts

  13. To include a quick search form for locations related to the Super Service, enter a Label and and the URL in the Location Search Form section. Both fields are required for the form to display.

  14. You can create or add from the text block library a Disclaimer/Terms (optional) that will display at the bottom of the page.

  15. The Related News section will display if news items are associated with this Super Service. You can not add Related News while editing the Super Service.

In the right hand column:

  • In the Associate this Content with box, you can add:

  • Add Related Search Terms (optional). Help search engines find your content by adding terms or phrases that may be used when searching for your content.

    • To add additional terms, select the Add another item button, and continue adding search terms.

  • Check the Exclude from Services Directory box to prevent this service from being listed on

Publish, Needs Review, Save as Draft, or Schedule Publishing for your Program / Service (see Publishing instructions for more information).