Publish a Webform

To make a webform viewable and usable by the public, you need to reference the webform. This is the 2nd part in the process to create and publish a webform.

  1. Click on Content > Add Content.

  2. Click on Webform.

  3. Required fields are:

    1. Enter a Title.

    2. Select the Webform from the drop down selector.

  4. Optional fields include:

    1. Enter instructions or an explanation in the Body field. This appears above the webform.

    2. Expand Webform Settings:

      1. Open – Viewable and submissions can be made.

      2. Closed – Fields do not display and a message alerts visitors that the webform is closed.

      3. Scheduled – Select date/times to open and close accepting submissions.

  5. Check the box to Publish.

  6. Click on the Save button.

This process creates an instance of the webform created in the 1st step. You may create more than one instance. For example, you may want to re-use a webform for an event registration that occurs quarterly where the location changes. Entering site-specific information in the Body field can help better describe the event.