Release Date


No category? No Problem!

We discovered that at times you may create a Program or Service Page that doesn't necessarily fall into one of our predefined categories for that content type, yet we made that field required. Worry not, you can now create a Program or Service Page without having to select a category. 

Accessibility Improvement

On the Numbered Steps and Bullet List view the How Do I content, we remove an empty <div> tag that was hurting accessibility for visitors who use the keyboard to navigate sites or that use a screen reader.

We also added an aria-label to the Call to Action buttons if you decide to go with the default "Learn More" link text instead of providing your own.

User Interface Clean-up

We removed a couple of items from the user interface on the frontend that we deemed useless for GovHub visitors.

  • One is the "Clear All" button for filters on the search results page. This button caused the results GovHub-wide to appear, not just results specific to your site. 
  • Another was the edit icons that were appearing on certain blocks on the View mode of Landing Pages. These are only useful while on the Layout mode for Landing Pages

No More Linking to Trashed Content

We fixed an issue that allowed you to link to the content that's in the Trash. Now we have made it impossible for Trashed items to come up as a suggestion to link to and provided an error message to alert you to any Trashed content you may be linking to in existing content.