Release Date


Important Bug Fix

We fixed a bug that prevented newly created locations from displaying a map. In the process, we also exposed two new fields for the location's longitude and latitude. This measure what implemented to ensure that these values are generated on creation which as they are needed to display the map.

New Site Alert!

In order to facilitate our efforts to create an LMS for training our agency partners, we created a new site on GovHub:

Interface Enhancements 

This release included a few changes to the front-end interface:

  • Small typography updates such as smaller font sizes of large headings, smaller font weights, and H2 heading letter spacing.
  • Added a "Section Link" to the section configuration panel of  Landing Pages. This will be useful when there are multiple blocks in a Section that all relate to a single topic that exists on a separate page.
  • Left-aligned content on full-width Call to Action micro-content on Landing Pages.
  • Added the option to style a How Do I as a checklist.

More Accessibility Updates

Accessibility updates to GovHub this release include:

  • Changing 'Hero' titles from H1 to H2 headings. 
  • Changing the markup of Link Collections to indicate that they are lists.