Release Date


Webform CAPTCHA Issue  

Webforms were causing some users issues recently. Some would receive a not-so-helpful invalid CAPTCHA error which also prevented them from submitting the form. We hunted down the root cause and removed the code causing this issue. 

Hyphen Headache

Some of our customers were not happy with how hyphens were being implemented on GovHub. In this release, we addressed the problem areas and removed hyphens where they weren't needed. 

Making Editing Content Easier

Content editors may have noticed a change to the content editing forms. Up until recently, they were able to edit referenced content directly from the piece of content they were creating or updating by clicking a pencil icon. During this release, rather than adding that pencil icon back, we added an "Edit" button to the referenced content, allowing you to easily edit referenced content and not lose track of what you're working on. 

Lots of Great Design Improvements

If you're browsing a GovHub site and think to yourself, "This site looks really great", that because it does! We made quite a few design tweaks to the UI this round, including reduced padding in some areas, smaller font sizes in others, and removing underlines from Tile links. 

For accessibility compliance, GovHub will now only allow content editors to create links using text. No more wrapping images, documents, and embedded micro-content in anchor link markup to make them clickable.