Release Date


Accessibility Improvements

We are continuously improving the Siteimprove DCI score of GovHub with each release. This time, we added a default aria-label to the link for the Hero micro-content.

Bug Fixes

We introduced a bug in the previous release that was added an additional, unnecessary document icon to links to documents in the WYSIWYG. We squashed that bug this release.

Next, we fixed a bug that caused footer menu editing to be a pain. Now, you don't encounter a message that warns you about the system-generated machine name and being unable to save your footer menu edits. 

There was a very specific edge-case bug that only Microsoft Edge (no pun intended) users with Skype encountered. Phone numbers were styled incorrectly and turned into links, an experience much different from other browsers. We fixed that issue for those Edge users.

Lastly, we resolved the issue that caused the custom image to not appear on the frontend for the Super Service content type.