Release Date


The DHS Family of Sites Get More Background Images

We added 4 more options to use as Landing Page full-width section background images. These options only appear on DHS, DFCS, Child Support, and Aging.

Accessibility Improvements

During this round of accessibility improvements, we adjusted the tabbing order of the header so that navigating the to the close button for the search area was more logical to keyboard users.

Also, we improved the keyboard navigation experience by allowing users to hit the ESC key to exit the dropdown navigation items. Previously, the only way to exit that part of the menu was to tab through every single item. 

Bug Fixes

This release fixed the bug users experienced when scheduling Events after 7pm. The bug was displaying the next calendar day for the event on the Upcoming Events view. Now the day the event actually takes place correctly shows on that view. 

We also fixed the bulk import tool for Contacts. The tool mainly comes in handy during onboarding of new sites but occasionally, we will get a request from an agency to import many contacts at once. the importer no longer throws an error when using the necessary contact import template csv file.

Lastly, we fixed a very specific bug that was preventing the values for Composite Webform elements like Name or Advanced Address from appearing in email messages sent on a visitors submission only if the "Exclude file elements with attachments" checkbox is checked.