Release Date


Mailchimp Upgrade For All Roles

In this release, all roles are now able to create Mailchimp pages rather than just blocks for Landing Pages.

Primary Organization and Document Safeguards

To ensure there's no mishaps with removing important information from several parts of your website, we have prevented the primary Organization associated with your site from being Archived or Trashed. 

Also, in order to help content editors properly share documents with their site's visitors, we added a message to document nodes that reminds them not to link directly to the node within their content.

However, just in case a content editors does link directly to the document node, we will now automatically redirect the visitor to the corresponding download link for the document. 

Bug Fixes

You may have noticed in Promos that the document icon was missing from links to documents. We restored that icon as to maintain consistency throughout your site.

We also fixed an issue is properly print special characters on the frontend for automatically suggested link text in certain fields, like in Link Collections for instance.