Release Date


Standardized Button Width

Previously controlled by text length, buttons now all have set widths. This applies to Call to Action, Hero, and Promo (“big description” display) micro-content, and the registration button on /wiki/spaces/KB/pages/602931311.

“Organization A-Z” Link Color Correction

If you’ve visited the agency directory page on, you might have noticed that the “Organizations A-Z” link at the top right of every GovHub site was light grey indicating a visited state. No other links in global elements (header, footer, and side nav) ever show a separate visited state. We’ve now removed that state so it will always be white.

“United States” Removed From All Addresses

When on a website for the state of Georgia, it goes without saying that nearly all physical addresses are in the U.S. To clean up the clutter, we removed the country from all U.S. addresses. This includes /wiki/spaces/KB/pages/602898493, /wiki/spaces/KB/pages/602931311, and /wiki/spaces/KB/pages/602931311.

Location Related Links Removed from Event

Previously, the Related Links on a Location would display on an /wiki/spaces/KB/pages/602931311page that references that Location. Now when you link a Location to an Event, all that displays is the address, a map, and a link to directions.

Allow Relative Paths to Views

If you’ve ever linked to an automatic view page — like the list of Press Releases, News, or Events — from a link field, you might have noticed that you needed to provide the absolute URL (like; relative URLs (like /events) resulted in an error. We’ve patched that up, allowing relative URLs to all internal pages. This affects link fields on Link Collections, Listing Pages, and more.

Table View for Editors to Organize Lists of Entity Embeds

Editors told us it was difficult to manage long lists, for example a curated list of Documents. To make it easier to sort these lists, we switched from a block layout to a table on the Edit screen for Listing Pages and other content types.



Bug Fix: Editors can now add Tiles to Tilesets

Our previous release introduced a bug preventing users with the Editor or Editorial Lead roles from being able to add Tiles to Tilesets. We’ve fixed the issue so these roles again have the appropriate access and can now add existing Tiles to new Tilesets.