Release Date


Accessibility Updates

This release had several accessibility fixes including:

  • Adding an aria-label to the magnifying glass icon used for the search box
  • Adding alt text to the expand/collapse images used on Accordions and FAQs
  • Addressing the tab focus of hidden menu items in the left side menu. Before, keyboard navigation resulted in focus on hidden menu items. Now, you only focus on visible, expanded menu items. 
  • Improving the label markup around datatable search fields to better serve screen reader users.

Design Tweaks

We improved the frontend design and layout of GovHub by:

  • Ensuring that Hero background images remained proportioned in size as the screen size increases.
  • Added padding around Automatic Lists of News teasers.

Searchable Content Control

We expanded the reach of the "Exclude from search" feature beyond the site's internal search. Now, checking this box on your content will also hide it in external search engines like Google as well.