Release Date


Drupal 9 Preparation

We are continuing to prepare for the coming upgrade to Drupal 9.

Better Help Text for Link Fields 

We updated the help text on many edit form link fields to clarify the experience for editors. Previously, the help text was “Start typing to find content or paste a URL and click on the suggestion below.” Now, it says, “Type to find content on this site by title, or a paste a full URL (including https:// or http://) to link to an external site. Click the suggestion below to apply.”

Editors will see this text on the edit form link field for many content types, including Contact, Promo, and Link Collection.

We’ve updated the URLs for a few links that are present in all GovHub website footers to avoid redirects. We also updated URLs for a few links in the generic footer, being used on and a few other sites. Users ultimately end on the same pages as before, but avoiding redirects is better for SEO and maintenance.

Bug Fix: Corrected Placeholder Text for Link Collection List Item Fields

In a previous release, we updated placeholder text (along with functionality) for certain links on several content types, allowing editors to use default text like “Learn more” in an accessible way. In doing that, some of the placeholder text ended up on the wrong fields. When editing a Link Collection, the Link Text fields that are part of the list showed “More” placeholder text, even though these fields didn’t have the default text behavior. Then the Link Text field for the “More link” at the bottom didn’t show any placeholder text, even though it should.

In this release, we fixed that so all the right placeholder text displays in the correct fields.



Bug Fix: News Teaser Images Display Again

For a short time, we experienced an issue with certain Automatic Lists of News teasers where they wouldn’t consistently display the associated teaser image. We also saw these images sometimes displaying on the News view page. We’ve corrected this issue so images display in News teasers as expected.



Bug Fix: Updated Styling for Link to Past/Current Event List

We improved the styling for the links to past and previous events on the Events view pages at /events and /past-events on every GovHub site.